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These are fascinating and moving

Originally posted on Encyclopedia Homeschoolica:

Photographer Shawn Clover combines images of the San Francisco 1906 earthquake with modern scenes of life in San Francisco. Mr. Clover precisely lines up the photos taken in 1906 with his own. The two are carefully photoshopped together resulting in a gentle blend of powerful imagery:

A woman opens the door to her Mercedes on Sacramento Street while horses killed by falling rubble lie in the street.

A woman opens the door to her Mercedes on Sacramento Street while horses killed by falling rubble lie in the street.

A bicyclist rides towards the fallen Valencia St. Hotel and a huge sinkhole that has opened up in the street.

Cars travel down S. Van Ness, which has buckled after the quake.

Horse carriages and cars park in front of Lafayette Park while a destroyed city looms in the background.

See more of Mr. Clover’s photos HERE

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  1. arlenecorwin says:

    Dear Clawfish, Thanks so much for the approving comment. I’m always grateful if anyone reads what I write – and if they like it, that’s all the better. I was just thinking this this morning:

    * **Re-reading*

    * *

    *Im in the process of re-reading,*

    *And I see that Im not tough enough,*

    *Stuck in the frame of poetry,*

    *Its too kind,*

    *Although I thought when wind was up*

    *That I was being rough and tough,*

    *Dangerous, hard-hitting, harsh.*

    *Now I see, its paper pap; mush. *

    *I see I’m a marshmallow.*

    *Next step:*

    *Re-reading becomes re-writing -*

    *Themes the same (because thats me)*

    *But biting, better and not butter,*

    *Battering the rams against the thing*

    *Im fighting for. *

    *Goodbye subtlety.*

    *To hell with poetry. *

    *For instance, I was reading *

    *What I wrote on greed. *

    *It was tippy, tippy toed.*

    *Now I know,*

    *Greed is greed:*

    *Its ravenous and hungry, self-indulgent.*

    *All it wants and needs is more. *

    *Craving, it knows no restraint.*

    *A spades a spade*

    *And as I said, *

    *I plan to call it that.*

    *If poetry, my it not be*

    *A patronizing softly, softly*.

    *Who am I moving, *

    *Above all,*

    *Who do I serve*

    *With verse of measly nerve? *

    *No one, I fear.*

    *Oh, dear. *

    * *

    *Re-reading 9.8.2012*

    *The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;*

    *Arlene Corwin*

  2. arlenecorwin says:

    Well, I try. So thanks so very much. I don’t know if you know it, but I have 8 books of poetry out. See Xlibris or even Amazon.
    Fondly and thanks again,

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