Lean against the letting go

like pressed garlic
creamy crushed
husk blown away,
i held her
forgetting the argument,
forgiveness and
playing with that
blonde hair
thinking of tomorrow


David Lynch short film

The Cowboy and the Frenchman a short slapstick film from David Lynch in 1988 was on French television starred Harry Dean Stanton and was 26 minutes long one of a series of shorts done by known directors for the 10th Anniversary of Le Figaro Magazine Patricia Norris the producer also worked on Scarface and the Waltons !!!!!!

World Poetry day

A day to celebrate to the art form that is poetry, and how it fits in our society as an attachment to life making us think , smile or be aware. Be it the epics, sonnets or any verse have a book in your hand and you can dip into the pool of words and explore, there is no hard and fast rules of what poetry you should like just pick a book up log into a magazine and make the revelation you could surprise yourself at what you like.
I came to late via novels and short stories then i think it was D H Lawrence and Shelley i looked at first before finding my place in likes Bukowski, Braurtigan and poems with a feeling from the gut and ones that take you to the fringes of your mind and emotion and settle there possibly darkly.
So go on read someone you have not looked at before today.

Torn by Sea

Earths angry tremors

sends a tide

sprawling over walls

roads ,houses, and hearts

a bitter ocean

leaving debris

shattered timber

shattered souls,

but rise as a reef those

who remain embracing

all touching without insolence

unified we reach out

and hold hands

gathering and standing

as friends

and remember

Where are we going? (Rant)

Sometimes you keep your eyes in shadow, a gaze averted from what is about you. You see poor accommodation, houses in disrepair rented out to families at rents that eliminate most of their monthly income cheque, now with these houses in the gardens commonly known as ‘beds in sheds’ rough built outbuildings housing a number of people in tight impoverished squalor, part of the illegal trafficking in humans or taking advantage of immigrants who come to find fortune and comfort even local people find themselves ensnared in this darkness……