dirt like grey flesh
on windows,
exterior daubed in
gang tags,
yet within
black non slip floor,
he sat with guitar
beyond singing
for a dollar,
he found a voice that
needed no currency,
a proportion of him
now belonged to
more than the city
he lived,
at carriage end
in his view,
with flick of
auburn hair,
eyes guided by
novelists words,
yet her heart only
heard the song.

for @dVerse

  1. One of the strangest things can be walking down a long underground tunnel – white tiled and light hard bright – and listened to a blues rift drifting around a corner.

  2. Chazinator says:

    So cool, these almost ever occurring romances of chance encounters in moments that oass as swiftly as light in a mirror. You’ve described so accurately and viscerally the exterior ofvthe subway, and then you pull us gently into that human desire for oneness with another, above the mass of others. And it seems that as fleeting as these encounters are, they stick in memory for time beyonf time.

  3. poemsofhateandhope says:

    Really enjoy the way describe the busker as leaving a part of his song to the city- that’s a great notion, and in a way- we all do when we travel so deep underground- right in its blood and guts. Great descriptions and observations here also…

  4. David King says:

    Spare and lovely. This ticked most of the boxes for me.

  5. Blue Flute says:

    Good poem–nice musical beat, great economy of words, a bit gritty

  6. Oh I think this is my favourite today…what beauty you’ve found in the underground!

  7. hobgoblin2011 says:

    Cool, love how you focused on the people. So far everyone is focusing on something different in their poems, such a great thing to see. Very nice write. Thanks

  8. Shawna says:

    “dirt like grey flesh on windows” … Nice!

  9. jcosmonewbery says:

    Sweet and touching.

  10. Mama Zen says:

    “he found a voice that
    needed no currency,”

    Very cool.

  11. I can hear them playing above the din of the train sounds…nice and I specially like the ending line ~

  12. This is part of the subway I know absolutley nothing about–not even from TV–but you and Brian both showed me this side of it today, and I like what you’ve done. You get down and dirty with it, and still romanticize it a bit. Nicely done!
    Mine’s a touch tongue in cheek, so brace yourself: http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/ah-the-aroma/

  13. aprille says:

    How clever.
    You touched on all the senses in just a handful of words.

  14. This shows the darker side of subway life, the sad side. Very atmospheric.

  15. claudia says:

    nice..one of the coolest things of riding the subway is listening to the musicians..and if you listen with the heart, you can hear much more than the music…he found a voice that needed no currency..this is great

  16. brian miller says:

    excellent…when you see mine you will understand…but i love street musicians and buskers…and you set the scene well with the grit of the description and set a love story within…i really like…

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