Without Stirring

bleached sunlight
from outside
highlighted the red
of the table,
two cups of coffee
white sturdy porcelain
between them,
they had kissed
a brief paperclip kiss
not interlocking
only sliding,
moments had passed
distinct from the years
opposite he took her
into his eyes,
memory replaced with
all that was now,
they would go and it
would evolve,
she placed her hand
upon the ocean swell
of her body,
a smile transferred
between them
it was settled.

5 thoughts on “Without Stirring

  1. hmmm. Powerful in all that it dies not, nor have to, say. Those obligations to self can become the reason to bring to clarity the demand for self-affirmation. That it can be done with such clarity, as in your poem often does not occur, nor with such affirmation on both sides. This xcellent in clarity and the way you bring such vivide reality to life in the imagination of a mundane moment.


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