What The Economy Demands

the dog chewed

at the edge of wooden floor

that had just not fitted,

splintering veneer off

creating sawdust,

it was a worry thing,

repeating what it’s mistress

did as she sat on the couch,

curled snug

chewing at nail stubs

and nibbling skin

she had not drawn blood yet

but would not be long,

things became too apparent

besides his absence

mortgage bill gone up

as had utilities,

and the corner store was not

cheap any more,

her purse light on change

a folded empty sack

devoid of sustenance,

one light on

as night gathered up the

stars and let them shine,

she could close a door on this

by getting up,

throwing of dressing gown,

adding make up to a blotchy face

highlighting the best she had,

drinking vodka from the small

bottle now in her purse,

closed the door

on the dog that watched with

tilted head as if knowing something

was going to happen,

loud music swelled over a street

recently cleared of winters snow,

damp and expectant,

voices loud,

beer spilled,

over excited conversations,

latching on to a group and joining in,

she began to loosen

talking her magic,

as the night traveled on,

depths of reality faltered,

as a hand moved under her skirt

gripping a buttock,

something smiled as well

as sneered inside,

tomorrow was settled then.


Relics and Thoughts

there where leftovers on the plate,

piece of meat rough cut,

some gravy over a partially mashed

portion of potato,

plate remained on mat,

on the table,

possibly two maybe three hours

had passed,

she still sat,

his wine untouched,

hers warm only sipped still in hand,

within her mind,

beneath that swept back ponytail


she wondered and placed broken


none seemed to fit,

yet there had to be a shape and pattern,

all nature however ugly took a form,

outside a dog barked,

a trashcan rattled and clattered

cat startled into evasive action,

would that of been the right reaction,

to of been immediate and evasive,

when he came home with first evidence,

his work had extended hours,

appetite had lessened as the need to

lose weight,

change of deodorant to smell like


indications flashed and flickered,

now haunted in ghostly caravan

reminding her of her feelings,

wine glass was placed on the table,

a smile with odd curve crossed her face,

she too left the table,

out on the porch night air had closed in

as a suffocating hot blanket,

occasional cars passed with head and tail

light illumination,

her eyes fell on the moon,

once clear now hazed,

she decided to wait till he returned tomorrow

extending his hands to her heart.


Once and Only Time

jazzmen played it out raw

on sticks and bones,

whilst light probed

smoke flavored room,

sat in illustration pose

talking to barkeep,

ivory  gown caught

moonlight glimmers,

wanting to touch, to feel

contours and indentations,

he knew it would take

more than bootleg whiskey,

tongue had edge that

made words sharper

than meant to be,

gentle approach,

jaguar on leaf littered jungle

warmed by sun,

moved in steps both wary

and purposeful,

a hand upon her side not swiped

away but held a moment

then squoze  in a way that

reasoned back off,

barkeep moved,

ballet of moves occurred,

caught eyes in reflection,

a brown that suggested openings

to a deeper soul than he had

known before and gave nothing


questioning now his own purpose,

she turned face to face,

it made him waver,

pearls sat upon cleavage that ached

for his tongue,

aware this thought lingered,

she smiled sarcastically,

despite the night

a dawn apparent came over


she was untouchable one so

beautiful he would never


lonely retreat defeated in battle

nodding in acknowledgement ,

stepped away

taking a glass from a passing tray,

hand trembling.


Bouncing Out Of Isolation

when bouncing upon a bed

you need to use the right

balance for trajectory,

glutinous time

at night becomes

thick dark molasses

holding you back,

yet bounce right

propelled into time

not through it,

as Jamie did

velocity brushed his face,

behind growing smaller,

that infinite box of a room

enclosed in walls of stars,

no imagination necessary

he found landing place,

a shoreline where the

tide never rolls

only a caress,

standing still listening,

silence about,

inland trees of lollipop shapes

now secreted a chorus

of birds,

chirping angrily at this


Jamie stomped footprints

in circles marking his ground,

waving fists beating his chest,

birds lifted from the trees

existing in many colors,

feathers cascading about him,

as if taunting him,

to lay upon them and slumber,

but slumber was a monster

lethargic at first growing

into a fearsome enveloping


where your mind is not your

own and Jamie wanted to

hang on,

Dad would know what to do

appearing on stilts a king

with crown and benevolent


no longer fragile, no longer

left behind on distant soil

damaged and silent,

birds scattered feathers

caught up in breeze swirling


till in tornado form

swept Jamie up,

father he called,

waking sudden within

those glittering star walls,

dark and silence

he was home,

and knew what to do

as tears marked his cheeks

and found feather in jacket


Complex Power Output

clunky old home power

unit removed,

organic solutions

brochure provided

something new,

it arrived by cab

stepping out in

female form moving

into apartment,

going from room to room

analyzing small panels

with symbols,

her ability to send

from core radio waves,

fueling hot water

cooker and TV,

it cost a lot ,a finance

plan that stretched

twenty two years,

not unattractive,

and became relaxed

in her presence,

generating by way

of nanotechnology

and synthetic connective


i wanted to possess and

became troubled,

once overdone on wine

touched that form

and alarm sounded

power was cut for four days,

i had a business contract,

for the other a fee applied,

so i conceded and

let her control the home.

Our Days To Live

the heat was a jacket

to be worn on it’s own

heavy and coarse,

beading forehead 

moistening arm,

stepping from porch

onto ground crenulated

by dryness,

haze lifting off blacktop

cars silhouette shimmer,

already a dry clamor

at the throat that was not


another car appeared

a blue sedan tinted windows

Buick or some make,

kerbside waiting

pulled alongside,

“you getting in son”

at the controls was dad,

sixteen years had passed

since the thing we don’t

like to remember occured,

now as we did sometimes

drive out four miles,

river curved tight towards

the bridge,

rod and line cast,

under tree placed shade

and beer cold in the


we lingered in this

quiet place.

My May Girl

flicker, accept daylight

on the retina,

move quickly,

to a place where i had

hidden gift and card,

behind ,absorbed by sleep

soft smile on lips,

she lay

hair spread over pillow,

that feeling is there

one that exists in the gut

deep attraction that is

so rooted into fibrous

texture of being,

that no separation 

is possible and with

another year created by

a rolling of days,

from mundanity to excitement

has come about,

still i am here to welcome

those mornings,

cup that face for a kiss,

for no matter how many

years is stated,

love is the brightest 

birthday candle that


In Solitude

that light blue evaporated,

moisture particles

dried to nothing,

leaden grey replaced

with a burden to

bow shoulders,

oppressive in a way

that coherent thought

is lost,

cast glances to the

mountains ,

no illuminant offerings,

bench on lake shore

offers expansive views

that mean nothing,

as vile twists of

darker serpent has moved

in my heart,

thickening the beat

to a slow thrum


Saxophone of The Blissful

smoky auburn hair,

eyes shallow closed,

music permeated

the atmosphere,

drawn by the

colluding sound

of a saxophone,

dew down cleavage,

exalted breathing

a rapture,

unraveled my conscious

guiding me to