Complex Power Output

clunky old home power

unit removed,

organic solutions

brochure provided

something new,

it arrived by cab

stepping out in

female form moving

into apartment,

going from room to room

analyzing small panels

with symbols,

her ability to send

from core radio waves,

fueling hot water

cooker and TV,

it cost a lot ,a finance

plan that stretched

twenty two years,

not unattractive,

and became relaxed

in her presence,

generating by way

of nanotechnology

and synthetic connective


i wanted to possess and

became troubled,

once overdone on wine

touched that form

and alarm sounded

power was cut for four days,

i had a business contract,

for the other a fee applied,

so i conceded and

let her control the home.

10 thoughts on “Complex Power Output

  1. oh goodness..those contracts, stretching 22 years and longer…and then the power cut when crossing the line…ha…def. has some sort of complexity to it..smiles


  2. Some day, it may come to this. What I like about this is how you integrate the economic aspects with the technological. It’s the economic factors that limit your natural human reactions to the the entity. Stripped bare like this, the technological/economic bond becomes very clear and its effects on innate human behavior becomes restrictive and enslaving. Very interesting piece.


  3. good morning dear reading mind of crawfish
    a fast forward poetic affair methinks
    i am intrigued by the style for which there is a fitting
    german word…schnoddrig…
    and the sense of humour streaks are finely put too
    ciao with a smile from hewesufa


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