Once and Only Time

jazzmen played it out raw

on sticks and bones,

whilst light probed

smoke flavored room,

sat in illustration pose

talking to barkeep,

ivory  gown caught

moonlight glimmers,

wanting to touch, to feel

contours and indentations,

he knew it would take

more than bootleg whiskey,

tongue had edge that

made words sharper

than meant to be,

gentle approach,

jaguar on leaf littered jungle

warmed by sun,

moved in steps both wary

and purposeful,

a hand upon her side not swiped

away but held a moment

then squoze  in a way that

reasoned back off,

barkeep moved,

ballet of moves occurred,

caught eyes in reflection,

a brown that suggested openings

to a deeper soul than he had

known before and gave nothing


questioning now his own purpose,

she turned face to face,

it made him waver,

pearls sat upon cleavage that ached

for his tongue,

aware this thought lingered,

she smiled sarcastically,

despite the night

a dawn apparent came over


she was untouchable one so

beautiful he would never


lonely retreat defeated in battle

nodding in acknowledgement ,

stepped away

taking a glass from a passing tray,

hand trembling.


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