Relics and Thoughts

there where leftovers on the plate,

piece of meat rough cut,

some gravy over a partially mashed

portion of potato,

plate remained on mat,

on the table,

possibly two maybe three hours

had passed,

she still sat,

his wine untouched,

hers warm only sipped still in hand,

within her mind,

beneath that swept back ponytail


she wondered and placed broken


none seemed to fit,

yet there had to be a shape and pattern,

all nature however ugly took a form,

outside a dog barked,

a trashcan rattled and clattered

cat startled into evasive action,

would that of been the right reaction,

to of been immediate and evasive,

when he came home with first evidence,

his work had extended hours,

appetite had lessened as the need to

lose weight,

change of deodorant to smell like


indications flashed and flickered,

now haunted in ghostly caravan

reminding her of her feelings,

wine glass was placed on the table,

a smile with odd curve crossed her face,

she too left the table,

out on the porch night air had closed in

as a suffocating hot blanket,

occasional cars passed with head and tail

light illumination,

her eyes fell on the moon,

once clear now hazed,

she decided to wait till he returned tomorrow

extending his hands to her heart.


3 thoughts on “Relics and Thoughts

  1. This was very well written, though I must confess that I don’t like the feelings of betrayal and anger that it evoked. But I suppose the ability to evoke strong emotions is what poetry ought to be about. Peace, Linda


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