What The Economy Demands

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

the dog chewed

at the edge of wooden floor

that had just not fitted,

splintering veneer off

creating sawdust,

it was a worry thing,

repeating what it’s mistress

did as she sat on the couch,

curled snug

chewing at nail stubs

and nibbling skin

she had not drawn blood yet

but would not be long,

things became too apparent

besides his absence

mortgage bill gone up

as had utilities,

and the corner store was not

cheap any more,

her purse light on change

a folded empty sack

devoid of sustenance,

one light on

as night gathered up the

stars and let them shine,

she could close a door on this

by getting up,

throwing of dressing gown,

adding make up to a blotchy face

highlighting the best she had,

drinking vodka from the small

bottle now in her purse,

closed the door

on the dog that watched with

tilted head as if knowing something

was going to happen,

loud music swelled over a street

recently cleared of winters snow,

damp and expectant,

voices loud,

beer spilled,

over excited conversations,

latching on to a group and joining in,

she began to loosen

talking her magic,

as the night traveled on,

depths of reality faltered,

as a hand moved under her skirt

gripping a buttock,

something smiled as well

as sneered inside,

tomorrow was settled then.


  1. Excellent. Really… faultless.

    You constantly impress me, Chris! 🙂

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