Can I See

with a moonglow

face of anticipation

she scraped my heart

off her shoes,

peeling away yesterday

dropping me on the

obituary page,

but i was not done,

love was more

than her birdhouse breasts

that held secrets

chirping in a way i could

not feed,

or those hands

that interlocked mine

for walks past lake and wood

that promised more,

conscious of her

beating out a parade

of emotions

that marched staggered and

fell under my influence,

i would have to join in

pick up the beat,

dragged from floor grazed

and bleeding,

no flowers in paper wrap,

no chocolates

or soft music,

a demonstrate grander


or else i would remain

detested and dropped,

to configure a new way to

my lfe without her.

7 thoughts on “Can I See

  1. The short lines are very powerful here. That sense of clipped short feeling – I’m not describing it well – my favorite lines about the birdhouse breasts chirping in a way you could not feed – this is so original and eccentric and yet very real and vivid too. k.

  2. Amazing what love can do to us, huh? Scraping the depths of hurt for this and yet we trudge on. Beautifully penned, loved the scraped heart / obit lines.

  3. peeling away yesterday

    dropping me on the

    obituary page

    ouch, but a great way to put it….from bird house breast on is really gripping to me…great use of language and allusion there….great stuff..

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