$50 Afterglow

apartment small and tidy,

stood by window,

tried wiping it to catch a


grease, breath of a thousand


skin cells too

gave thick reptilian scaliness

to glass,

digging nails in would not

scrape away,

feeling the grease

texture of other men who had

lain with her,

burdened her with marital


domination and sadness,

this is what remained,

a scar of orange broke through

not wanting to place face too close,

behind she sighed flesh peppered

in goosebumps,

heating not on

could he leave just yet,

feeling sun burning blue of his

eyes it stung yet could not pull



Stones Thrown as the Crow Flies

midnight had crawled

out of his head leaving the

early hours to do their work,

fingers manipulate

keyboard screen aglow

in transcript of the mind,

his patience a short tether

to the excitement of creation,

as if dawn light brought revelation

a first fledged sun of

the day,

radiated warmth

mist lifting,

stimulants left aside

progressing in a way he knew best,

hunching slightly,

a splinter of memory

curdled color at the corner

of his eye,

tear appeared,

but only of tiredness,

not happiness

love remorse or regret

compacting much of the mind

this way and ball it up

upon a printed page

gave it a name,

then abandon it

let it become a piece thrown aside,

to be read again one

future day,

at completion a certain smile

pleasure heightened

few could ever see,

it was written

it was done,

exhale pull away

tremors in the arms

till the next moment.

Electric Windows

she got a car

with electric windows

her new freedom

no more winding handles

with string tangled and tied

a push of the button

up and down

clearing mist and rain

opening to hear a goodbye


her music too she could

expose to those outside

or silent within,

a push of the button

a simple pleasure

he had his typewriter

his words,

those poems

that spoke to other people

not to her,

a push of the button

those windows saw the

drive thru,

gas station ,

and her affair,

a musician with tied back

brown hair,

a push of the button

his scent of weed and beer

left the car

through windows a kiss

that lingers,

new houses appeared

around hers,

pavement laid,

spars and brick,

the new she loved,

clattering keys

to publishers demand,

she lay in bed waiting

designing her own satisfaction,

one day the freedom

would extend,

longer than the whiskey lasted,

tomorrow a more promising


caught at his keys

paused at blank impasse ,

she left by the front door

to a life of six string strumming

and endless harmony

at a push of the button


Living Garments I See

that pinprick of light

pointed onto eyelids,

already a headache begun,

why was the sun so bright,

why did i drink so much vodka,

attempting to keep them shut

scratched fuzz on my stomach,

the sun should not be so bright,

obstinately opened eyes one then


crazy reaction as if all

bipolar and horizontal cells

told the cortex,

what i had seen yesterday was shit

color so enhanced,

beyond glass sky surreal

clouds detected as moisture atoms

that if caught would dissolve in your palm,

clammy not from heat,

but a deep nausea,

everything carried on the axons of retinal

ganglions was transformed,

remembering Suzy,

bedclothes, sheets , cotton,

weave so visual looking as if to crumble

at a touch,

Suzy on her stomach face and breasts

pressed flat,

bare flesh across her spine seemed like

canvas ,a tarpaulin to fold and place away

everything had changed,

what drugs did i use last night,

irregular breathing

even my senses had altered

hard floorboards became springy

as if sap flowed through them again

not caring i was naked at the window,

wanting to be outside,

summer was at its height,

kids played at the hydrant at the end

of the street,

grass a blanket to be rolled,

earth molecules under compressed

could dissolve and turn to dust,

no rain for two weeks,

everything had become garments

on this planet,

removable interchangeable,

air tasted of sky particles

elemental pieces tingling tongue

pollution sour,

could i feel lightning

as it burned in my stomach

acid thunder rumbled,

could i project light beams

that was silly,

lying down

cortex overloaded,

sky lowered to face,

some fragrances carried

as particles caught and molded into


if i spat would it rain

torrents pouring from my mouth,

occipital lobe altered again,

having become an ultimate being

not afraid of my earth anymore,

i raised grayer clouds

so they could pour over me

so that i too became a garment

of the earth.


Manufacture and Trade


a space over head

covers hair

wooden block shapes it

cold blocking

empty measured

scissors cut

as thoughts be trimmed



in her mouth

if not for Bansack

would not be rolled

then zippo lit

Columbus curse inhaled

taste it on her kiss

ash licks to a memory



Chieftan 6 cylinder

automatic interior lighting

vibrant in its red

the look of Harley Earl

comfort seats

full of knowledgeable


tactile so tactile



biological act


drawn by Da Vinci

exploited for love

apparent from conception

by automobile

another human form

original in cellular signature



each item traded

with intrinsic worth

hat given away

more cigarettes bought

automobile traded

for another without memory

baby given to a couple out

of state who are unable to


Moistened a poem for the (Monday Melting)

sopping towel cool

lessened combustible bather,

slap of cold drew down

the heat,

heart still pounding

beneath saucer breasts,

a backhand

spread last of water

and suds as they spiralled

down the drain,

she has used many a riposte

to his passion,

samovar steamed,

naked arbitration

would have others askance,

their love had not softened

or bottomed out,

it remained resolute,

a crag ,a precipice

of dangerous desire