Manufacture and Trade


a space over head

covers hair

wooden block shapes it

cold blocking

empty measured

scissors cut

as thoughts be trimmed



in her mouth

if not for Bansack

would not be rolled

then zippo lit

Columbus curse inhaled

taste it on her kiss

ash licks to a memory



Chieftan 6 cylinder

automatic interior lighting

vibrant in its red

the look of Harley Earl

comfort seats

full of knowledgeable


tactile so tactile



biological act


drawn by Da Vinci

exploited for love

apparent from conception

by automobile

another human form

original in cellular signature



each item traded

with intrinsic worth

hat given away

more cigarettes bought

automobile traded

for another without memory

baby given to a couple out

of state who are unable to


10 thoughts on “Manufacture and Trade

  1. This is very interesting how the pieces fit together by the time we read the last part. What a commentary on our tims, indeed. I think the supremely objective way you voice the pieces makes it work, and bybthe end it is like a bit of mechanical necessity that brings these things about, which of course it is not. Thoughtful and provocative.


  2. nice…i like your deconstructionist approach to this and the minimalism to each segment…the baby one struck me the most…the exploited…and drawn by da vinci…both carry weight for me on the attitudes that surround them…


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