Electric Windows

she got a car

with electric windows

her new freedom

no more winding handles

with string tangled and tied

a push of the button

up and down

clearing mist and rain

opening to hear a goodbye


her music too she could

expose to those outside

or silent within,

a push of the button

a simple pleasure

he had his typewriter

his words,

those poems

that spoke to other people

not to her,

a push of the button

those windows saw the

drive thru,

gas station ,

and her affair,

a musician with tied back

brown hair,

a push of the button

his scent of weed and beer

left the car

through windows a kiss

that lingers,

new houses appeared

around hers,

pavement laid,

spars and brick,

the new she loved,

clattering keys

to publishers demand,

she lay in bed waiting

designing her own satisfaction,

one day the freedom

would extend,

longer than the whiskey lasted,

tomorrow a more promising


caught at his keys

paused at blank impasse ,

she left by the front door

to a life of six string strumming

and endless harmony

at a push of the button


6 thoughts on “Electric Windows

  1. The push of the button brings it home, repeated thruout, and gaining its most emotionally charged meaning at the end. Circumstances change us, often, as much if not more than we change them. The poem is a bit of blue grass sounding, with the tenor of common truths spoken from real life.


  2. Thought sure elec windows gonna stop working at inappropriate moment. Love the story and the way you spin. I wen a few chapters ahead and had she and he meeting in an alcoholic rehab. From there, go figure…
    Thank for you visit and comment


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