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A great piece by my wife Karen with her photographs have a read then visit

Spikey Mouse Photography

My family and I have just come back from 2 weeks camping in Brokerswood North Bradley and Pool Dorset. The idea was to spend a couple of nights at Brokerswood on our way to and from visiting  Dorset where i have family on my Fathers side, who i have not seen for many years. I think we arrived on the hottest day of the year and in the beating sun had to erect our tent and set up camp, no mean feat when you have to deal with children too! At the end of the single road (or so it seemed, the road was very narrow) was a crossroads and peaking from behind a wild hedge was the most wonderful Green Tin Church.  Of course i was desperate to photograph it as i felt it was so unique. This is Church of All Saints.

A green tin Church in the…

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