Mankind Versus Ironmongery

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Whilst on holiday a visit to the Tank museum was an engaging visit, Tanks have been with us since Cambrai in 1917 seen then as unreliable and ineffective how much has changed, maybe it is my mind but i saw a machine to be built with ever increasing engine power for speed and range and more deadly firepower, no concern for human operatives three or four cramped and packed.In reality just part of the mechanism.

They where impressive from the first to modern yet terrifying as they are used less for protection and offensive and more in some states for oppression.

Confronted from those so small my daughter would only just fit in to ones whose gun barrel was triple my height of 6ft 5, the day was hot but as you moved through the era’s  fear would become an element and the demonstration in the arena brought it too  mind very visually with squeal of wheels ,thrown dust roar of engine, close your eyes and you felt the end was near.

Historically it was relevant and also a museum that could be used as a warning that man can destroy itself  in ways no other creature can comprehend.



  1. slpmartin says:

    Your last line captures a harsh reality.

  2. coconutspeak says:

    Just looking at these tanks make me claustrophobic!

  3. mobius faith says:

    Fascinating. I had not idea that there was actually a tank museum. I’m not surprised because someday there will be a museum for everything man uses in war.

  4. go1flo says:

    I think your last paragraph would be better emphasized by a trip to the nuclear bomb museum.

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