Starchief North

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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born in anticipation

growing to expectation

departed familial line,

as dark turned light

with finger combed hair

possession’s stuffed into bag,

took the Starchief

out beyond the county line

heading North,

at a gas station,

slowed and parked,

in rearview looked at himself,

no fear in the eyes

only blue adventure,

his clothes worn

the last his mother will buy,

she would not see

the cheekbones evolve

like those of his father,

or hair fine in texture

become long,

or the beard last seen

three generations ago appear,

but for now he waited

and she arrived

the one meant for the rest

of his life,



raised alone

by mother no father

without sibling,

high school came

only too soon,

as did When

first caught as a reflection

in a school window

and in her imagination took

his hand,

as she did now

clambering breathless into car,

throwing bag on the backseat

with his,

a kiss

one kiss,

that had a lingering of a thousand

years of love,

ready he said

i am she replied,

forty dollars scraped between them,

Starchief carried North

red candyflake and whitewalls,

morning became a celebration

of sequins and fireworks,

she touched a shoulder,

still fragrant from yesterdays tears,

in their silence a louder voice

was heard.


This poem for is a poem derived from my novel that is well into progression so much so that they are part of my life

  1. Claudia says:

    she touched a shoulder,
    still fragrant from yesterdays tears,
    in their silence a louder voice
    was heard….great closure for that sensitive portrait you’re painting here chris..

  2. This is so effective as a teaser for your novel. I want to/need to know more. To know where you’re taking us. To discover the backstory. Well done.

  3. coconutspeak says:

    Amazingly visual! Well written, my friend!

  4. hypercryptical says:

    Wonderful imagery…”morning became a celebration of sequins and fireworks,” lovely.

    Anna :o]

  5. Intriguing… So much going on here to take in. Definitely makes me want to understand more about these characters. I think it’s the small details that make it.

  6. markwindham says:

    and so the adventure of life begins… heres hoping they beat the odds.

  7. arlenecorwin says:

    Lovely! Moving!

  8. brian says:

    no fear in the eyes

    only blue adventure…nice…love your descriptions of them, def feeling keroac as well..i like you just gave a hint of the back ground…enough familiar that we can fill in the gaps…hope their adventure goes well…smiles.

  9. Clear narrative, and characterization so we see the turning points in this life and the ‘lie’ that the past can be forgotten

  10. hewesufa says:

    dear reading mind of starchief north velvet
    my mind
    delights in your pearling lines
    ur guiding words for
    scenes depicted in images
    over borders
    please dont stop
    ur creative speed flow

    hewesufa with a smile of friday

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