Gravitational Pull

dusk as intervention

to that crawlspace known as night,

leaning on the fence

cigarette stub extinguished

dropped over onto sidewalk,

link impressions reddened arm,

as i moved away,

light essential began to click on

the first a house a block away,

opposite the empty one

looked bleak and could not

be forgiven,

grass damp curled over,

now on porch sock imprints

their trace vague would evaporate,

i nearly lit up again

it was an unforgiving chain,

i was the operator

of my own half life,

as night swallowed up that rose

growing in the corner,

her rose she planted

as a recipe for splendor,

splendor that never came,

small card table surface

where i rested my pad,

maybe pour a glass

as a moth juddered by,

pencil tapped and i would


17 thoughts on “Gravitational Pull

  1. Superb! My breath esp. caught here…
    ‘her rose she planted as a recipe for splendor, splendor that never came,’

    Fantastic use of the words!


  2. Oh my Chris – thank you so very much for stopping by – I am delighted that I returned the courtesy and from simple politeness found this stunning/edgy poem written by an apparently very cool poet – you 🙂


  3. thanx dear clawfish for …as a moth juddered by…in gravitational pull and i try to judder now bankmondayevening smiles from hewesufa


  4. It’s a different world when we get up before everyone else and have that time just to ourselves. I like the imagery of the chain fence leaving its imprint in your arm. The casual feel of enjoying the cigarette. Nice write.


  5. really nice story structure here. Love the trace vague, such a cool phrase, and juddered is very nice and a killer open here. Very cool. Thanks


    • thank you maybe you should not see my back catalog, when you grasp the early hours the world has a resonance and depth you cannot always see after an ordinary day so i love the mornings and you have a great day


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