Talking to Charlie

an outward bound kiss

became vagrant

lost with letter sent,

tucked in a corner

of mailsack unfound,

never to touch it’s

intended receiver,

and when no reply came,

held her breath

before shouting,

so that trailer walls


how could he be so cruel,

was that conscious of his

a foursquare rigging

torn on open sea

bleeding at edges

so that anger valued

no control,

could it be expected

in places so different

yet just as imprisoning,

he faced all wall eternally,

she had the breath of footprints,

a whisper of wind,

and no restriction

on how far she went,

maybe as she rubbed

a wounded breast,

it would be better

to not know a man

so brutal and destructive,

after a steadying drink

at eleven am

headed to the diner

she needed to speak to



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