Graveyard Dream Blues

gravedigger stooped in graveyard

tearing apart my dream

throat stretched not to yell but holler the blues

within dense comfort of the blues

fear crawled away from skull borne graveyard

memory contorted as a dream

barren stone studded dream

verse of longing in the blues

as i dig my knees in dirt at the graveyard

solace in the graveyard ? no but found a dream and blues

inspired by Ida Cox and Graveyard Dream Blues (1923) for @dVersePoets

19 thoughts on “Graveyard Dream Blues

  1. Thanks for the follow and I love your work, as well. You invoke different moods in your poems so brilliantly. I think we become better writers by reading, and that is because of talented people like yourself. You seem like a cool guy… a bit like myself ! LOL Thanks again and I’ll enjoy reading more from you ! ….Jeffrey Littrell


  2. awesome end line. Really ambitious using graveyard, that’s impressive how you made it fit, and not forced either. the blues element here is a great touch as well. Really nice work with the form.


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