Marvellous Breath

the foetus hired by

a different ideal,

had a bigger importance

than life,

created as a fancy

payment to democracy,

to pave a way

for laborers seeking

more than death,

with unblemished mind

like a cherry in the beak

of a thirsting bird,

words come on the

quiet wind,

mother feels you

wake and sleep

birth and dawn akin,

to be laid in a basket

of flowers,

bright eyes

changing wind

to laughter,

there would be

no more fallen

on foreign fields

leaves left on the surface

of a swift stream,

lips reach to the eclipse

there is other life

abide the balm that now

oils your body,

first voice the only voice

from subtle throat,

a silver link

for tender distances,

the soul will surmise

a transition,

surrender beauty

bring communal tranquility,

kiss mothers breast

milk not sunburnt wheat

tasted there,

all is complete

democracy feels

a quenchless spring

unlittered by irony

11 thoughts on “Marvellous Breath

  1. This is truly fascinating. It requires multiple reads, which I love. You really capture a pure ideal in this poem. It’s a perception that is not portrayed in our culture very much. This is a refreshing view.


  2. Now then…this was a fascinating one….i read it a few times- it made me feel something about the purpise of life, we create life, yet we seem hell bent on destroying it (laying bodies in baskets of flowers, burnt fields e.t.c)….the last lines were REALLy intersting…democracy as an unquenching spring….maybe saying that democracy is the ONLY thing that keeps us alive and we HAVE to keep drinking it……


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