Page Relationships

dusky book store

scent of mold and words,

shelves lopsided,

piles stacked uneven

cashier at small round desk

could even be a fixture,

touching book flesh

leather embossed

crackle spine,

fabric , cardboard,

trembling nerves


sliding out of shelf

mottled pages

gold leaf edged,

type not seen anymore,

wallet beats as a

separate heart,

wanting to part

with dollar flow,

so many

so much infidelity,

the yearning has a keen edge

trying to objective,

to select the ones

you want to share

your home and

life with.

9 thoughts on “Page Relationships

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    • Hello Chithan it would be interesting to see it in Tamil are you involved with any Tamil language based magazines it could be submitted to, also you can translate it as long as links back to my blog and my name upon it , thank you for reading and wonderful to meet you


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