femme comme des singes

truth electron tears

sourced by hand percussion drill,

positions undertaken by

fourth floor bureaucrats

with obsidian knowledge

passed hand to hand

to next in line,

five on the rope

she had there remainder

shadow staining dress,

undergarments shrunken

bare hidden forms

still secreted away,

tantalus would share

morsel by morsel,

tear decanter drunk

dry sliced eyes

circled on a plate,

leaves of the solitary unseen

grows on higher boughs,

no dreams would come

bureaucrats shimmer

one became ape in the room

wanting her now lain out

eating eye slices

tearing fabric,

bisect her flesh

find house of womb

betwixt the merry lanes,

and bestow

a lineage of being,

each passing memorygrams

of this day,

that history became a white puffball

untainted by wind

vibrant in an untethered life,

lips spill a smile,

it is done,

monochromatic lungs exhale

chaise long divan sprawl

psycho optic devices

watched from balcony

ape demure retreat,

sanctioned now by all,

foetal organism growth

placenta footed

leaving footprints

for tomorrow




9 thoughts on “femme comme des singes

  1. I’m not truly sure what this means – I get caught between Saint Lucy and Monica Lewinsky and illegal abortions and general corruption and abuse, and maybe even Saint Agatha mixed in – you see I’m heavy on the Italian painters and Saints – and then there’s the monkey. That said, it’s quite vivid and powerful and disturbing. For me– and really this is just a comment based on my own insufficiencies as a reader – the lay-out makes things a bit harder – you write in such a distilled crystallized way and your images are so packed — all great – that’s already something to parse though – I find then the centering and the short line no punctuation makes it harder for me. I’m not saying you should change anything as your work is wonderful and many people don’t have these problems at all – I’m a very literal reader – but this may be an aspect which doesn’t add so much to the content but may make it harder for people who are (like me) more plodding. Just a thought. You work is wonderful. k.


  2. Bureaucrats are paid to push the paper…keep it moving…keep US from THEM. Some think they are able to determine what we do, what we say, what we think…You do know I’m freely sorting this out in your comment box, right? 😉 Many paths to venture down, many words that mean so many things…you’ve just tied up my mind for hours! 😉


  3. very cool Chris. Some awesome lines throughout, love the whole ending sequence, from monochromatic down. Which reminds me, kudos on word choice as well, very nicely done. thanks


  4. dry sliced eyes….dang some really visceral imagery in this man….i am not completely sure what happened but i feel somewhat distrubed by the end….let me sit with htis one…will come back and try to leave a little more coherant comment in a bit….


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