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These are fascinating and moving

  1. arlenecorwin says:

    Dear Clawfish, Thanks so much for the approving comment. I’m always grateful if anyone reads what I write – and if they like it, that’s all the better. I was just thinking this this morning:

    * **Re-reading*

    * *

    *Im in the process of re-reading,*

    *And I see that Im not tough enough,*

    *Stuck in the frame of poetry,*

    *Its too kind,*

    *Although I thought when wind was up*

    *That I was being rough and tough,*

    *Dangerous, hard-hitting, harsh.*

    *Now I see, its paper pap; mush. *

    *I see I’m a marshmallow.*

    *Next step:*

    *Re-reading becomes re-writing -*

    *Themes the same (because thats me)*

    *But biting, better and not butter,*

    *Battering the rams against the thing*

    *Im fighting for. *

    *Goodbye subtlety.*

    *To hell with poetry. *

    *For instance, I was reading *

    *What I wrote on greed. *

    *It was tippy, tippy toed.*

    *Now I know,*

    *Greed is greed:*

    *Its ravenous and hungry, self-indulgent.*

    *All it wants and needs is more. *

    *Craving, it knows no restraint.*

    *A spades a spade*

    *And as I said, *

    *I plan to call it that.*

    *If poetry, my it not be*

    *A patronizing softly, softly*.

    *Who am I moving, *

    *Above all,*

    *Who do I serve*

    *With verse of measly nerve? *

    *No one, I fear.*

    *Oh, dear. *

    * *

    *Re-reading 9.8.2012*

    *The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;*

    *Arlene Corwin*

  2. arlenecorwin says:

    Well, I try. So thanks so very much. I don’t know if you know it, but I have 8 books of poetry out. See Xlibris or even Amazon.
    Fondly and thanks again,

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