Devices For The Hours

her eyes vanish into the book,

a candle burned,

a ring of light on the table,

my mind like air

became extracted in a condensed


her lips cracked by salt,

breath warm

spoke not unkindly in tumbledown


if i could regain her sight with jello

in sockets,

lemon vision

blurred serene,

i would dance as a scarecrow

finding a locust on an ear of corn,

oh swan necked beauty

i want to be exposed

and not feel as a beaten cur,

see the clear streams inside me,

sunrise will send an image to you

of what is not fearful dreaming,

that the hours are silver toned,

and not so reckless,

each floor creak

with arms outstretched,

i will not collapse,

but be seen by you and accepted,

lift milk from the refrigerator

pour over crackling cereal,

today will be no different,

but i am somewhat sober now,

one more coffee

as the clock chimes,

she will become again

visible in a way

night will not show,

and i prefer it that way,

somewhere an orchestra strikes

up a refrain,

that lingers over the pain,

suspending tomorrow for us

15 thoughts on “Devices For The Hours

  1. I found this extraordinarily beautiful. This is an effective way of trying to find words for that ineffable sense of loss. I have to say I had difficulty with the formatting of it and its length. I re-copied it onto my notepad and set it up in three line stanzas and it seemed to have even more power for me. Each set of three lines seem to have a kind of “turn” exploring a different facet in that jewel of loss. I’m not suggesting you do that. I just found it gave the poem extra power for me and allowed me to read it succinctly on my screen. Very profound!


    • Gay i appreciate your comments, when i write it is raw and in regard to formats and layout i have had no, shall we say academic training poetry did not figure much when i was at school and it has been a journey of figuring it out as i go along, so feedback and comments are always taken on board and again thank you and glad you liked


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