Lonely Shadow Call

who has that unshaken loneliness tonight

that is duller than four unlit windows,

no beacon so inspiration empty,

passing clouds have no light of stars

absolute is more than dark,

hot blood ceases to sing

on a black brittle brink i almost fell

forwards without calling,

yearning for a sound, yearning for light,

swept well with dust many corners filled,

my binds hold tight,

almost a stifled sacrifice my own voice

lessened in it’s force,

i would find another room

it would be a chamber

not of clattering chains,

but sparse filled in with a luminous flow

knowing if i let expression furrow a blank


i can nestle in contented silence,

unshaken loneliness is falling

slowly a drape that tomorrow

will remove

4 thoughts on “Lonely Shadow Call

  1. dear reading mind of clawfish

    U are really blessed with a po’try spurting mind

    …black brittle brink…

    is a fine enough title

    my keen editing brain yearns to edit some of the superfluos worz swimming around

    thanx for UR surprising splashing forth of po’mensis…

    with a smile from hewesufa >printingeria windropss<


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