Four Haiku

grit sea wind blown falls

burning eye as winter comes

morning dims to pale



i am there again

dazzled under camera

she as flesh to me


unforgiven flash

of written resolution

ideas cascade


from bosom to loin

i in extreme insolence

radiate summer

8 thoughts on “Four Haiku

  1. a renga:

    lunch; we eat sausage
    pointing to the package there –
    spicy, hot – he points

    she thinks romance is alive
    he cooks, she smiles – they dine

    their crowded table
    holds grandchild’s chair – history,
    memories and love

    (inspired by the fourth haiku – thanks Clawfish)
    notes: the turkey sausage wasn’t really that hot. The grandchild’s chair is one of those that hang on the table…and well there still is too much stuff on the dining room table – 🙂


  2. Hi Clawfish – these are all beautiful and strong – your imagery and voice is authoritative enough that one is taken even if not completely understanding at first – one reads again.

    I found the last the most immediately compelling. It is such a great way to describe summer and invites one in.

    The third -also spoke strongly to me – I don’t know if I got it, but I am a person endlessly making life-changing resolutions about my unforgiven flesh – they cascade soon enough! (I’m not sure if that’s what you meant but that’s what it called up for me.)

    The first two are also beautiful – the fall, the camera/flesh was interesting – I kept thinking of in camera as in a room, which had an interesting echo. k.


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