Borders With Snow

a storm brought cold,

an everlasting damp

to those corners you hide in

for warmth only to find them

not so secure,

they had climbed for an hour

back to the checkpoint,

road quiet

having to remain and

be vigilant,

headlights pushed the edges of dark,

the two soldiers moved forward,

bolts in position

rifles held ready,

far from barracks and city,

they could be trapped by the snow

that now fell,

old station wagon slowed,

pointing rifles

elderly man placed arm across the

chest of his wife,

simple protection,

one guard shook his head

nodding to the rear,

inside bundles of cloth husks of corn

simple trade,

snow began to increase

thickening on everything it fell

they could make it difficult for them

to prolong a stress and threat

but no,

cold quickly made them compassionate

and as the pick up left,

felt as though they had done right


29 thoughts on “Borders With Snow

  1. Wonderful work, Chris. It reminds me of the story/movie A Midnight Clear. Even in war time opposing sides show compassion for one another. People are people…the good and the bad. I enoyed this write a great deal. Thank you.


  2. Hi clawfish, lovely to read someone with a passion for poetry.
    Thanks too for following my brand new blog, Tarzana Is My Heroine, all the way from England! You’re my second follower, after my best friend’s kid brother!


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