Airborne Mechanics

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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i took her to the roof

to find the sky

that she left behind

last year,

unable to identify

position of the sun

or what color the

clouds where,

i had to let go of

her hand,

so that she could reach

then float onto a backdrop

of blue,

feel and process the sky,

acknowledge it was all


and that the moment we had,

had then

was different,

my own hand

could not find

her ankle to withdraw her,

bring her down,

she raised higher

and i called,

but those soft shelled ears

included my voice with the

natural sounds,

and i became absorbed,

where was she going,

i was on the edge

teetering brink of infinite


would i fall

or find flight with her,

too afraid to discover

held back i watched

the darkening sky,

a sun paling to moon

wait till tomorrow



  1. ayala says:

    teetering brink of infinite

    moments… the imagery .

  2. kelly says:

    love the imagery… i felt the sense of floating, lost…

  3. Laurie Kolp says:

    Love this Chris!

  4. Jenna says:

    nice use of spacing and i love how you take us from the roof to the sky to the roof and back to the sky.

  5. brian miller says:

    really moving verse man…it goes from reality to surreality smoothly and by then i was caught up in the moment…and then ugh the holding back afraid…i felt the loss in that…and an all too real feeling…

  6. Timoteo says:

    Oh how we try to blissfully ignore that everything changes….

  7. A love lost or let go both float way to leave regret but maybe a new sun rise.q

  8. Pieces says:

    Its beautiful and heartfelt!

  9. What an interesting poem ~ you seem to be trying to hold onto something / someone who is drifting gently away from you ~ poignant, sweet, quite sad …

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