Gadfly Bitter

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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three fucking sides,

all contained by Maslow,

cornered that abstraction of my mind,

my motivation

was self actualization,

rather than messy physiological,

i had no need for pain

searing transmutable feeling,

textured and phrased in life,

physiological was her

to be excreted from my mind

before that word of babies

and the pushing of a pram,

her ideal not mine,

she saw life in colors,

emotional spectrum that concluded

fear, willpower and hope,

i had reacted to none of these

probably made each more defined

in the lethargy of my words,

battle lines layered down

indivisible by touch,

peace a searing brand

upon my buttocks,

it would winter away,

lilac time was coming,

there in my own identity,

things would not burn

or boil into steam,

forget her now

left to that sound inertia.

  1. there in my own identity,
    things would not burn
    or boil into steam,……….I am afraid in my identity they do boil and burn into steam. Great piece…so many layers to ponder.

  2. Sheila says:

    very intense – love will do that.

  3. Ha! Clever analysis there, Dr. Glen. Maslow dominated the world of psych for so long. Haven’t kept up but I suppose he was on target. Thanks for the retweet. I can seem to reply to tweets on Twitter for quite a while now. I get a message that my screen is going to freeze and it does. Then I have to do a contr/alt/del to get out of it. Have no clue what’s going on. Maybe you do?

    • clawfish says:

      sometimes i wander on many tangents and this was one , thank you for reading and as to your computer it sounds odd but more software i would say not hardware find a free diagnostic software and see what it says might give a clue, hope it gets sorted

  4. Intriguing picture of the opposites that once attracted, but now… Things change. Our perspectives do or we come to realize what ours was all along. This is well constructed to show this…an awakening of sorts…or much more going on. Good work!

  5. tashtoo says:

    Chris! Absolutely FIERCE write…start to finish. I had to smile at the first line…not sure why, but that soon faded as the pace picked up. probably made each more defined/in the lethargy of my words,…these two lines really stood out for me…the subject seemingly frustrated with not only the other, but themself…Awesome to have you play…and always awesome to read your work!

  6. coconutspeak says:

    I think reading your words is the same as taking in a shot of strong coffee. Good post.

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