the broken sweet and low

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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breathing long taken breaths

ocean pump heart

has no tired dismay,

brittle sand empties

breaking the vast silence

congealed brightness brought,

tenderness and ambivalence

white day out of mind

nothing seemed apparent,

thought flaps

as tattered curtains

taking no form,

bound by scent of incense

raising valiant blood fires,

almost holy,

freedom is an enduring harvest

that comes with water and prayers,

starlit beneath moaning sea

keep the disturbing flowers

to the edges of the room,

eastern carpets become thin

weave and weft,

show the dazed

feet can be placed assured,

no fear,

out of machines

comes the resonance we do

not want,

need time to look back

as the glass now empty,

by the light of a tremulous candle

all the unwanted scurries

as the shuffle of feet

leaves their exhaustion

clinging to the air,

they could of been

kings of the world





  1. go1flo says:

    Your form here is perfect.

  2. Such a lovely work…It flows…


  3. JulesPaige says:

    That last line reminds me very much of the film; The Man Who Would King. I think it starred Sean Connery as the ‘king’ but in the end the blood drawn of one bite labeled him very much human…
    Is it only in fantasy that we are not (human)?

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