i have long fingers

yet cannot gouge my eyes

remove them from my face

place them blinking on sticks,

to see myself,

would i seem more different than by reflection

could i gaze past that aura of mine,

with crooked nose and empty sockets,

eyebrows that move often with emotion,

cheeks still broad enough with flesh

to make a face round,

hair never fashioned in any style,

attraction is a composite

would i say i was handsome or defined,

i had drunk from the social nectar

but did not conform to tradition,

i would not be photogenic

or adorn glossy magazines,

lips that kiss and hold the most warmth,

are the best feature,

once cracked and pale with cigarettes and ale

now are more fulfilled,

age has grey iodized me

salt tainted beard and hair,

my face would not be Che on t-shirts,

yet i am loved by one

her opinion will be different,

her eyes another perspective,

as she holds my face and kisses

i know something must be right,

not adonis  in any way,

frame too large for that,

my flesh more distorted than a Bacon nude,

i have found a home in myself

that was difficult to find,

but do not expect too many images of me

as i wish to stay away



  1. yasniger says:

    Reblogged this on yasniger and commented:
    ‘I have found a home in myself’….. says a lot

  2. I wonder how many commenters know what a Bacon nude looks like. I do. Still chuckling! 🙂

  3. To find a home in yourself…that’s all you can ask really. Really enjoyed this extract of you! 🙂

  4. Chris, really nice imagery here. You know, I used to use nectar all the time in some of my earlier poetry, totally have no idea why I stopped using it, it’s such a good word for so many reasons. Love the opening here, gouging out the eyes, seeing the aura, very cool. Excellent portrait, so glad you shared. Thanks

  5. Sheila says:

    oh, I adore this! Your descriptors are intriguing and easy to visualize, and the part about the one who sees you differently adds a romantic flair to this.

    “Ihave found a home in myself
    that was difficult to find,”

    – felt.

  6. Gay Cannon says:

    Aspects of the spirit and the body intermingling – loved so many lines here, fresh, interesting, novel. Really an excellent self portrait!

  7. Reblogged this on Photographic Gallery and commented:
    My husband Chris Lawrence @clawfish on how he sees himself, very interesting mr. lawrence, very interesting!

  8. janehewey says:

    there is a fully formed shape to this wonderful piece. your opening grabs, the middles lines contain the essence of honesty-which for me is what holds, and your closing is just as authentic. so enjoyed.

  9. kkkkaty says:

    ….great sketch of yourself but what’s right is what is within…. that is what she really loves about you;;

  10. Sabio Lantz says:

    “I know something must be right” <– great line, and the poem makes that clear. Well done

  11. Cat Forsley says:

    wow ….. You are truly gifted – my mind just made a full image of your poem x
    best x Cat

  12. David King says:

    I enjoyed this read. It is warm, open and confidential. Passages like

    age has grey iodized me

    salt tainted beard and hair,

    my face would not be Che on t-shirts,

    yet i am loved by one

    her opinion will be different,

    her eyes another perspective,

    strike me as honest and revealing..

  13. brian miller says:

    i have found in myself a home that was difficult to find….i feel you there man…and how the love of one will def help us get to that point, and though at times we may wonder why they do…well somethings i am pretty sure i dont want the explanation for…smiles.

  14. Bruce Ruston says:

    Really liking this the start quite dark and the end a little light great write

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