Motel Angel

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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her voice came as multiples of audio

long trajectories filled with rain

she had been the night

now filled the morning

no natural disappear,

my low angled eyes where not mute,

in those sheet lines on her back

i had poured rivulets

ocean to shore,

cavern no longer filled with sand

a  paid contingent no more,

spittle kissed shoulders

still lay close to me,

to her type no une haine ancestrale,

rigid shapes of furniture

reverberated sounds from other rooms,

she had become remarkable in her concision,

my foot ached,

a tap filled with droplet sounded out,

habitat and territory from here five blocks,

in possession,

hair blond natural lengthened from twenty

two week follicle,

density sprawl

once held my fingers nesting patiently,

memory can be put in jars

and cast out to sea,

vague on original meeting and intent

a pliable nature sealed in reason,

we would see each others skin decrease




  1. Some evocative passages in an intriguing verse. I couldn’t tell if the ancient hatred was a reference to a characters emotions or to a film but the atmosphere it invokes either way is one of intensity and potential malice. Overall I was left with the impression of an art house cinema encounter with an escort from the POV of the morning after. I feel I am missing an important allusion. Thanks for joining us at dVerse.

  2. brian miller says:

    oh some wicked lines in this…she had been the night…..we would see each others skin decrease….just to drop a few….needless to say, enjoyed…

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