Breakfast Remedy

coffee gone acrid in the pot

poured into sink,

paper folded on table by

empty breakfast plates,

i popped a warm beer

sipped that instead

i am going to the racetrack

she bent in pale nightgown

you don’t belong there

thirty dollars in the pocket

closed door went to sharp

lit Rabbit out front,

it started first time

radio sparked with static

twisted dial found a station

(you do not belong there)

i should of responded i can

do what i like but avoided

the argument,

instead it became internal

an argument with myself,

music playing

[Kansas sang this is my beginning ]

maybe it was

(i love you)

i knew she did her face expressed

it all

[Tomorrow holds my hand  ]

would it really be there

conversation with her inside

me and radio increased

it irritated me that Kansas

had changed,

(don’t i make you happy)

yes you do very much

my head felt messed up

finding it hard to decipher

what was song , her or me

[Yesterday is dead and gone]

no i could not let it go

from when i first touched

her face 7 years ago

i knew

(don’t i make you happy)

she had been down and

i had been blind

[Buried in the sand ]

that was true i had placed

myself there avoiding what

[the vision stands before me ]

yes she was and i feel that


i had dropped off the interstate

pulled over and wanted to

hit the steering wheel but pain

was not needed,

[and now there is nothing else ]

i hear you

i shouted at the radio,

sometimes a song can place a

reality in you,

tires bit into blacktop

turned about,

moments to return

parked at angle to sidewalk,

ran up the path to the door

opened quickly

dishes washed away

heard no radio

only her singing in the shower

shouldered open door

into steam hot mist

she startled as i took her in

my arms and held her

as if for the first time

of an eternity


23 thoughts on “Breakfast Remedy

  1. This is just a terrific poem. The back and forth of the lyrics and internal monologue and external action is a stylistic device that I especially like and it works terrifically well here. A poignant situation one can relate to. Your internal monologue actually reminded me of bits of Ulysses! But, of course, there are other more modern examples – but you hold your own place very well. I thought it just a wonderful poem. k.


  2. This absolutely forces me into the narrator’s head…and into the emotion of the wife as well. I felt his sense of feeling conflicted and a certain identity with the wife. (I live in NV and count my blessings that my husband doesn’t gamble…but know couples faced with this.) Good write.


  3. Sometimes we can neglect all the little signs we’re being shown until they all suddenly add up into one huge one that can be very hard then to overcome. This guy really did neglect her but, it’s god that he saw that he did in the end. Very nice poem, especially all woven around the song too.
    Yes, certain songs can place us right where we were when they first meant something to us.


  4. Quite the awesome slice of life. i have friends who don’t get poetry that stays in the vernacular – this poem makes the counter argument. One thing – “should of” is grammatically incorrect, of course – but I get that the narrator might not know that. Would you lose anything by using “should have?”


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