draw trees across my eyes

so that the view is hidden,

excluding one of my senses,

yet we are carbon companions

draw , store and extract,

i wish to see between your leaves

unless i touch cannot,

we breathe and share the earth

yet i am not rooted

i vaguely wander

no path very certain,

beyond your leaves her home lies

another like me,

i have loved

whereas you know not how,

your bark skin sensitive

can crack and lift

exposing fleshy underneath,

do you have an awareness

beyond what we feel as humans,

needing to see her i press on,

you snatch at me

sharp twigged remarks that sting,

without each other

we would be nothing except desolation,

make her visible to me

so that i can be loved again,

instead of falling

and becoming part of earth

and you





  1. the tree, the earth, the beautiful words. Excellent writing, indeed…

  2. tashtoo says:

    Oh…this is wonderful…the thought of returning to the earth, to be one with all…love the imagery… disassociated in one breath, but on the other, couldn’t be more connected. Always a pleasure…this no exception!

  3. I like the opening lines…the personification of nature i.e.g. leaves and bark skin is done very well ~ Your ending lines are passionate and full of hope ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  4. brian miller says:

    interesting ponderings of the trees, the watchers…and maybe they are better off for having a little thicker skin…smiles…

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