my body stands as an activist

mapped out to protest and endure

honesty shown in every drop of ink

tatooed cartography over flesh

intrinsic map of global configuration,

do not trace routes with that

accusing finger it’s irony stains

will ruin my contours and relief,

be it earth or beyond the

airless limits i reside

and listen to the voices beyond

and those that pray,

eyes behold what lies before

and i will not yield,

listen to me and live as i say

i am your journey

to that everlasting place

within that olive texture skin

my breasts will show milk

from which kindness is drawn

but kindness is not unlimited

it ends feudal and bitter,

take me into your homes

and i will protect fear turns

at my image,

and i will be here forever more

my body my life

never in stasis always a flux

a earth-map-tattoo


magpie tales statue stamp 185

  1. Love this one. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve!

  2. aquaverse says:

    Turning one’s body into performance art is the ultimate sacrifice – that every drop of ink forms something better than the future could offer. The poem makes the point that “The hoary hand of Time, having writ//and no man can alter any word of it.”

  3. Kelvin S.M. says:

    “within that olive texture breasts will show milk..from which kindness is drawn..but kindness is not ends feudal and bitter..” – i especially liked this Chris.. a very, very fine take on the prompt.. and the image connected with you so easily for you to produce all of these beauty in here… i,think, by far this is my favorite in magpie today..yes, even better than what i did on the image… now i wish i’d written this, seriously… excellent!! smiles…

  4. Tess Kincaid says:

    Beautiful…especially love the title…

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