she put her hand upon his chest,

felt the movement

something inside,

beneath flesh wrapping

and bone protection,

a beating heart

gift wrapped in his  warmth

love and security,

it was for her,

tatooed hallmark

her name imprinted

seared as a lasting impression,

to her touch

it revealed a long and

future life,

of happiness and

everyday happenings,

lost socks and incidental kisses,

that was all she needed

an aortic ruby,

wrapped in the one gift

she loved






  1. `lost socks and incidental kisses’ – Just love that!

  2. ManicDdaily says:

    Very beautiful poem. Perfect for the prompt. I wasn’t able to focus or be present for the prompt in my own writing, as I’ve been a bit harried, in part by the doing of it, but also because of a crazily busy time, but this is just spot on – not that that matters. It is a beautiful poem, of course, without the prompt!

    The tattooed hallmark, the aortic ruby, the wrapped in flesh, etc – so many beautiful bits and pieces here.

  3. carmenfortis says:

    Petit wishes you a Christmas full of joy, happiness and good health ! I will leave a gift which you can find here –
    Merry Christmas ! 😀

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