Weavers Tale

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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the weaver sat alone,
glasses pinching his nose,
brought from Tabriz,
to create a rug, a farsh,
one that Shah Jahan would
admire, with his peacock ,
a design of love with weft
and weave .
instructions clear
161 knots per inch
in finest wool, purest dyes
to create the tones.
he began and worked with
deft fidelity,
as the face appeared the
beauty apparent, the weaver
fell in love,
a female profile so beautiful
he wept, locking himself in
the room, unable to surrender,
guards pounded the door,
there was nothing more,
cast them open and
flung himself on the spears
of the sparabara.

  1. janehewey says:

    intense beauty and drama. this read is a rich experience. delighted to know now what a sparabara is. you’ve described so clearly, I see the images playing in front of my eyes.

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