Sleep Bugs

mad dreams and medicine

i don’t know if either help,

body more a carcass

cast off bedding

allowing chill to bite

soon when a season twists

it will be warm

but till that occurs

sleep evasive

those small bugs of slumber

crawling everywhere

but in my eyes,

quick to become husks

on the breath that creates them

seething mass

leaving me untouched

alcohol can disperse them

fear of naked flame,

if only what i know

seen from the back of my eyes

whats true

those synaptic snapshots

of what was , is, will be

eradicating normal transient thought

more bugs with darker intention

those that bring displeasure

turn night into serrated pain

i want for them

knowing i will be covered

and absorbed


Given to Indulgence

the phonograph x-rayed my heart

revealing my masks

made transparent,

beyond the rain and taxi’s

i had found her seclusion

in naked objectivity,

plaster pale soft crumble skin

body parts watched

with cigarettes and champagne

i saw concealed secrets

and heard songs clearer

than birds in the aquarium,

her surface

seen with ermine handles

places only i would open

was i allowed,

finding folded letters

written already to me,

without violence

her form held more than torso

expression beneath smoke and satin,

i would unfold these letters

contained with words

i must adhere to

without contradiction,

they would not be replaced

paper too fragile

extracted for only the moment

my skin grease dissolved them

immediately and in sadness
yet no regret

only honesty and strength

Venus de Milo with Drawers, 1936, Salvador Dali

Venus de Milo with Drawers, 1936, Salvador Dali


magpie tales statue stamp 185

Bending Buick’s

morning translation,
light has a language
that breathes
it stretches shadows
burns across carpets
bends buicks in shop windows
and lights faye wrays face,
my own portion
a partition of day
comes as townes van sings,
i smoke what i rolled
drink what i poured
fragments glitter skitterish
off the glass,
diamonds to the day
abstract punctuation to my thoughts
i think of voices
carried on this light
marching along on lung feet
into my mind
and everyone sounds like scott,
even james garner in his multicolored
mac concealing all of my yesterdays
and his genuine concern,
i need a buick to drive
to see if i can find
him my morning connector
that friend of early light
who now is silent
yet converses in my mind

scott wannberg



Remembering Scott Wannberg a brilliant and talented writer who was a part of my world briefly but made an impression today would of his birthday and i remember

A lovely day

Spikey Mouse Photography Blog

Last week Chris and I went to Formby to see the Red Squirrels. It was pretty quiet in the woods with only a few people walking around but we decided that the best thing to do would be to go off the path and into the trees. We were really lucky and saw eight of the little critters, they were very fast up in the trees but i managed to capture a couple of squirrels at a feeding station.

We then went down to the beach and walked along the tide line, the sun was shining and the day was warm. We found some lovely shells and got some great shots of the sea.

We enjoyed ourselves that much we vowed to return with our children during half term!

We went home tired, sandy and with a bag full of shells that i hope we can use to decorate something…

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blurring lines

i left the amniotic starship

landing on candlewick bedspread

unseen behind lace curtains

a sheltered birth,

dad notched his baseball bat

i was number three,

his way of memory

like folded candy wrappers

that something special,

a silent childhood

passed in grey school solitude

born invisible,

home the only place

colors came into appearance

becoming animation

voices and gestures

of laughter and song,

we breathed from

leonard cohens lungs

songs that filled the complete

with mothers long fingered

touch that was protective,

as a notch on a baseball bat

i would not be whittled away,

looking back

i could only think of the

new colors i had found

in my own home




In Conclusion

does trust come from the sky

or is born in the infancy of fire

bathe in it’s shadow

and let it linger in the eye,

no incident can let it go,

dry coughs

awkward glances,

a long thread no more subtle

than saliva from a bottleneck,

to plume of exhausted breath,

open words

sore like wounds deepen,

as if caught on the ocean’s

roughest coral,

intimacy rare no longer needed,

raw pauses

neglected opening of the mouth

silence fell,

a ball of anger now the abandoned

toy in the corner,

term of arrangement sorted

it could go to court

or be sorted now,

with looks , voices and reaching


solving this was hard,

dissolving would be harder



Beyond Caring

deep silence

audible in the calm,

lit by blood

made from skin,

love a human industry,

his intentional face

written with what

only darkest nights bring,

she reflected what he saw

and had her own

flickering gleam,

restaurant a stage

on which they now played,

a filmy invitation glowed

the mellow strained juices

of calm

thickened by shudder of

her lips,

ecstasies spell knotted

by one kiss,

doubt a pain long gone,

she would know the

hungering weight

and he the feverous

unbound liberty

Joseph Lorusso

Joseph Lorusso


magpie tales statue stamp 185




Brilliant piece on the Duke of Lancaster graffiti ship

Spikey Mouse Photography Blog

Chris and I went for a wander a couple of weeks ago, we try to get one day a week where we just take off in the car and head wherever the pointer lands on the map. This time it landed on Wales, Talacre to be exact! Now this has become a bit of an in joke between us as Chris did ask me if i wanted to go to Talacre for our honeymoon 18 years ago. Silly me thought it was in Spain! When it is 5.5 miles as the crow flies from our home. đŸ™‚ Well we didnt go then but have been since. This day was beautiful, one of those rare winter days of deep blue sky, warm sun and no need for a coat, perfect. We drove over the Shotton bridge,  i am going back to photograph it, and meandered down to Mostyn. We had lunch…

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