Sleep Bugs

mad dreams and medicine

i don’t know if either help,

body more a carcass

cast off bedding

allowing chill to bite

soon when a season twists

it will be warm

but till that occurs

sleep evasive

those small bugs of slumber

crawling everywhere

but in my eyes,

quick to become husks

on the breath that creates them

seething mass

leaving me untouched

alcohol can disperse them

fear of naked flame,

if only what i know

seen from the back of my eyes

whats true

those synaptic snapshots

of what was , is, will be

eradicating normal transient thought

more bugs with darker intention

those that bring displeasure

turn night into serrated pain

i want for them

knowing i will be covered

and absorbed


14 thoughts on “Sleep Bugs

  1. Hope you are able to sleep after your buggy story. She was surely not bothered. I wrote a post about my ex dreaming (nightmare for me) of me chopped all in pieces and I dreamed around the same time of him riding a tandem in China. I called it Surreal Nightmares or Bizarre nightmares and Serene dreams… I think in February. Not a poem but since you liked my one post thought I would send you off for the dreaming one. Thanks and I will search yours, too.Good little nuggets and treasures here to be found!


    • Thank you again so wonderful that you have explored me and my little page Surreal Nightmares and Bizarre ones can happen at any time i often have vivid ones almost stereoscopic and can provide inspiration


  2. Torturously good Chris. I really like the sound of, “synaptic snapshots’ – other lines too, but that one especially. Cheers.


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