rubric incense and decay,

he smacked roses aside

with tears like hail,

the moon rolls over unmown grass

tender leaves strayed from branches

coating loafer shoes

and when kneeling

clung to thighs,

her virginity wingless broken

could there be a return,

all that seemed so recent,

atmosphere beyond sunset glow,

daisy crown waiting

guitar loses the song,

his breath in bones

that once held her

hollowed out dim lamps

projecting little beyond the

steps taken to return,

there would be thunder

intimate connection of clouds

fronts and lightning arcs,

beyond straining ears

he wanted to talk

place words in blocks before you,

no chill or dismay

crucifix demure,

adolescent me had been

limbs lips and wrought agony,

divine lamps

slip beneath a long horseshoe moon

he that was me

bent solemn

over the cold oak

rain soaked

never letting you know




  1. hypercryptical says:

    Such sadness and anger in remorse.

    Anna :o]

    • clawfish says:

      Hello Anna i think my mind has been on many trajectories of pain, happiness , loss , discomfort since my father passed away so i guess it is a way of my mind establishing new footwork as well as regaining some of the old so thank you for reading and hope all is well

  2. Tony Maude says:

    Am I right in thinking your persona is a younger version of youself, or perhaps a pre-vampiric version?

  3. Rowan Taw says:

    This is one of those poems, where I’m lost as to how to express how impressive these words are.

  4. Laurie Kolp says:

    Wow, Chris… so full of emotions, the coming of sexuality expressed with the need of an adolescent.

    • clawfish says:

      Hi Laurie emotions are always a tangle at any age and trying to map them out is fun and see how they express sexuality is one that is almost the most dangerous with it’s complications and reactions always fascinating to dissect , thank you for the comment and hope all is well with you

  5. brian miller says:

    interesting drama you portray…not sure i have it all but seem matters of the heart….off your last line, its words i dont say that i am the most afraid of…

  6. claudia says:

    dang, tight emotions in this….the moon rolls over unmown grass…that’s a wonderful intense image

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