room to let at the end of the cosmos

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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i keep her flatpack

with the armadillo

and awkward typewriter

in a set of drawers,

sat lopsided in one corner

of a once oblong room

concealed by dust

whose motes once illuminate

by the moon

it’s dream fills the window

and spills on floor,

i was at my peak

not meaning that poor

comment of manhood

in those shorts

with memory of yesterday,

but my written word

pages in courier 12 point

bound by petals

picked from a border

lost in objective

of growth and color,

agent calls from that golf course


voice already mixed with alcohol

so that vowels elongated

consonants stumbled,

staff attended his empty glass,

i voided my verbal bowels

and got him to hang up,

needing more than a cigarette

or cut up powders,

locks down some thought

to translate later,

room empty

pit of stomach empty

hunger that daily reward,

i moved back to drawer

could cardboard live,

without instruction

manual lost

one furious session,

fingers would be stone

immovable unable to build,

she would remain

away concealed as a secret

while i furnished my heart

ready to receive,

yet still blank

to what should be felt






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