laughter in the hollow of her throat

as moon breaks the body,

ribbon eyelids flutter under kiss

his fingers touched auburn hair

that fell over sand pillows

spent and tired bones felt broken,

dreams have a bold voice

to those who need the warmth

he knelt beside with longing

for her to be more than a long rapture,

kissing her ankle

against his lips no cold tremor

she was all confession and truth to him,

her heart soft as an apricot

picked from behind a breast

he the only one,

his words of struggle

the urge to thrive and live in this world

or find solace in the next,

beyond borders of another land

she is from within

listening through ears

whispered on each morning,

after a long shower she dressed

under his gaze

sovereignty of eyes made her feel not


she had honor and resilience

no longer that awkward shy girl

from a minnesota school,

her hand felt his harden on hers

to be there farewell until later,

she felt no shock on leaving the house

no irony or weariness

bag slung over shoulder

walking to the bus,

catching smiles of men who wanted to


a word she heard that made her smile


she was now a vessel

returning to the mall

that very mall she worked a beauty salon

for minimum wage,

today would be her immortal day

memory and history would find a place

for her,

her soul had a message to be given to the


and with a single bomb she would carry it






This topic is difficult and in somber mood has to be aired that any country terrorism can come from any angle not just foreigners and immigrants as some areas of the media like to point out, sometimes as seen here in England it is the young and impressionable no job or low income find they have become fed up and to want act , react against what they see is against them be it family or government and others can prey on them influence them not saying this happens in all cases as you have extremists everywhere in religion or politics the thing is the message has to be conveyed that we are community all of us the world has shrunk and we must care more to prevent such horrific acts of mindful violence it sounds simplistic but is there a perfect answer i hope so one day

  1. Cathy says:

    Great piece, it will be interesting to see who’ll try to copy the Boston bombers now.

  2. julespaige says:

    Your after words remind me of the 1960’s so where the refrain is: “Teach your children well…”
    I am also reminded of the play South Pacific and the tune “You’ve got to be carefully taught” –
    It is chilling yet very realistic to note that the world is so much smaller today than it was when less populated.

    And yet we cannot live in fear. We must live and promote the dream of peace through hope.

  3. slpmartin says:

    Indeed violence can and does strike everywhere these days.

  4. Geraldine says:

    very powerful, eloquent words.

  5. soundflyer says:

    …though a lonely furrow this, all points worth making and you’ve made them with skill. A simple everyday story of regular people that grabs you in and leads you on to the unbelievable outrage that senseless maiming and killing is. It happens, is happening. Well written, well said, this is what poetry is for imho.

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