bend we

blend we

softly we,

smoked sun went down

sea masked by gloss facade

wandering on one song

we survive the fading light

hold we

whisper we

come we

wreath of fireflash glow

unstrung limbs and fairest pain

nicotine’s claw will hold

as i

as you

slack thoughts under blossom hair

pure eyes push dark thoughts away

serenity found us astride,

night falls

night absorbs

pleasures of the once unaware

words on mirror flowing

eternity had no vertigo

bronze cast

bronze head

sleep miles at each others side

strange half lit remembering

hand in hand

nakedness given

i found my shadow repeating

in you my vapors dew

mound and pasture wet

shallow sound

shallow speak

as offerings to morning

we remain

left over in blood red dreams


  1. kathsartcorner says:

    Thank-you for visiting and following my blog!! 🙂

  2. brian miller says:

    excellent use of repetition in this…love the we rhyme in that one section, it really highlights it…i found my shadow repeating is a cool line as well…

  3. Mary says:

    Oh this is beautiful…..and gently sensually evocative!

  4. Truedessa says:

    Wow, very nice display of words darkness speaks within the shadows of each pulse.

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