cloud closed eyelids

break down

frustration bites,

from the hearth of the desert

to letters written on a distant bed,

bleached warm animals move

still connected to womb,

she smelled the colors,

and aeroplane’s shipwrecked

in the sky

poured contents on golden wings,

there was a pirate sea

somewhere beyond her once

found intimacy now left,

forgotten sand buried

yellow dune sea,

hominid apes search

closed eyelids sealed

not with tears,

just a low iridescence of pain

on the weight of the wind,

she remained infirm

on the mattress

her spine left damaged footprints

yet something lifted

drunk on air

feast on breast before

dissolved with fire

palm fronds part,

as she sought his lips again


wonderful abstractions that stimulate the mind

  1. Akila says:

    The characters built here sync with the colours offered in the frame! Nice work

  2. Great end here. Sounds like a happy end after a trip to a place one shouldn’t visit

  3. brian miller says:

    cool…rather surreal story telling….the plane wreck…the hominids or apes…the taking of her there in the end..interesting…planet of the apes run amuck…

    • clawfish says:

      This prompt has activated some thoughts might post some links in the comments as i am writing more, thanks for looking in and all the best my friend

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