from the golden arch of arse

monkey all as me

before the meteor fell,

eat improvised food

slain in the boudoir

fresh from satin

and moist yesterday,

lacerations and smiles

hands bridge the expanse,

farewell to pelt

hello carnal alarm,

argue through closed eyes

i am the ape

blood and sensation

teeth splitting fruit

as i  would breathe

through your flesh,

i am the cause of your scream

anthropology has it’s secrets

that is me,

pulse and tongues

long shadows in the mirror

i will no longer

take to the branches,

i have hysteria

in my feet,

consumed by the body


i live in infecting your purity

with my clouds


i am the ape


26 thoughts on “from the golden arch of arse

  1. oh this is really really good… first of all, the title – that is definitely something…
    such strength in this one – so tightly penned.

    “i have hysteria
    in my feet”

    loved this!


  2. Man at his rawest here Chris – excellent. I too have a fascination for the primal self, the beast within – for whether we admit it or not, (s)he exists in all of us. I am aware of her now and again (although rarely) in thoughts, that by their very nature, trouble me….

    Anna :o]


  3. Oh dear – very intense vivid raw poem. I have hysteria in my feet is a line that felt incredibly strong to me – that anxiety of the animal that we all are, fear to acknowledge, very strong poem. k.


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