tone dialing remedy

better than those gulls

filling the air with

pull of sea,

encroaching on ears

cochlea tremors

insistent and provocative,

life needed to be in boxes

without labels,

identifying was not the issue

it was separation,

the telephone a child

cradled under chin

suckling on words,

spectacles perched with vertigo

on top of a crooked nose,

lips always poised

to speak but that was of

no consequence as sound

could carry further than voice,

a scream long prolonged

that was what pain brought,

gulls worse than cicadas

blood curled into fingers

then returned leaving them white

and grasping

still nothing,

slit your veins and fill a boat

with a swilling legacy

of something that

should of been,

letting gulls fall

bathing feathers redder

freeverse, poetry , poem




  1. This is really like painting with words..
    Loved the
    spectacles perched with vertigo

  2. Tony Maude says:

    There is such a sense of foreboding in this piece, which is perfectly realised in the line “slit your wrists and fill a boat.”

  3. claudia says:

    tight images…love the telephone stanza esp…
    the telephone a child

    cradled under chin

    suckling on cool

  4. Grace says:

    That is quite a closing – bathing feeders redder – I like the pull of the sea ~

  5. brian miller says:

    whew…nice…really cool phrasing in this…the telephone a child under chin…that was a very cool section….the unlabled boxes, cause thats not the problem…another nice one…

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