some river my birth

some river my breath

some river my knowledge

some river i am condemned

some river my clock fails

some river the sun is ravenous

some river my crossing

some river my burden

some river my love

some river trust not regained

some river my being

some river to which i return

some river my body

some river my murder

some river my unfound

to tangled silence

Anaphora at dVersePoets

  1. Beth Winter says:

    I saw this form offered up on dVerse and couldn’t find time to write. I’m so pleased to see what you did with such a difficult form. The progression is complete and I felt the flow.

  2. Whoa…this is indeed poetic cinema…definitely leaves an impression. Nicely done,

  3. brian miller says:

    nicely done chris…kinda interesting that a few of us used water and rivers as our anaphora…

  4. This fascinates me, Chris. I found myself wanting to read it over (which I did) first reading river as a noun and then seeing how it worked as a verb. The ending was power-packed.

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