in the greatness

from his minaret

a muezzin calls,

seeing new light lengthen

into shadows on the streets

as those of prayer approach,

first of five calls

that he never forgot

he served god as a voice,

sound of wings caught attention

a white falcon landed before him

perched on stone edge

head tilted

eyes spoke more than the beak,

voice faltered in mid call

from the remnants of dark

tattered crows flew in

looking for the rejected brother

kaf left behind,

muezzin touched falcons face


as the faithful below watched,

crows taunted minaret

hollow eyes caught flash

of gold,

muezzin had been spoken to

a journey to be undertaken

to which of the seven valleys

he was unsure,

he had to find the bond and unity

that once nurtured earth

as he had remembered it,

with falcon on arm

stepped down spiral staircase

a purpose found

5 thoughts on “in the greatness

  1. Hello Christopher, this is my second attempt to comment on… In the greatness… (internet probs) I was interested straight away when you very kindly dropped by my new very limited blog. As I soon saw you live in The Wirral where indeed I was born, actually in Heswall, lived in Irby and went to West Kirby Grammar School. As my childhood was idyllic to me, the beautiful surrounds and easy times are often recalled with smiles and warmth.The family moved to Perth Australia in 1965 and I now reside in Melbourne, these past 37 years.
    In the greatness… brought to me vivid imagery of calling to prayer, exotic minarets and introduced me to ‘muezzin’ a word I had not heard before but now know. These words… with falcon on arm stepped down spiral staircase a purpose found.. makes me think your Muezzin obviously was called to embrace greatness. Other imagery also took my fancy, to me the exotic prayer call, minarets, mosques amongst The Wirral of my childhood, vivid indeed. Cheers from OZ. Susan (Maximum9510)


  2. Hello Christopher I found …in the greatness.. very visual and strikingly descriptive. Calling to prayer evokes curious intrigue for me of a people I know little of in reality. Upon reading your profile I was thrilled to see you hail from The Wirral , as do I, actually born in Heswall, lived in Irby and went to West Kirby Grammar. My visual with minarets and The Wirral is interesting to say the least. I have lived in Australia since 1965. Thankyou for droppping by my blog Cheers Max


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