kohler one and two

apes have insight as seen

under the soft winds of tenerife,

man as another ape

also has insight to convey and

express through brain chemistry,

we share flexible hands

that in wisconsin built ceramic wares

that ape with flexible parts

would use to dispose and hide

bodily waste

not wiped with leaves and buried,

food and the toilet

an inexhaustible amount of

links between,

we feed we shit we betray

the toilet the ape the man

intrigue of mind

not understanding what is real

correlation of brain and development

would introspection

come into play,

ceramic beauty and form

cupping arse to excrete,

apes missed out  on porcelain desire

white shining cold,

yet who has developed

we watch we learn we betray

emotions significant part,

bare red ringed arse

bare flushed mating arse

under kohler one and kohler two

we have become that unshakeable

being of flesh fur behavior

dynamics of a wild innocence

that sees things so differently

as we see of each other

anthropometrics of form and mind

everything classified

as in information,

encrypted distorted betrayed

told only by the apes that lead

the higher beings

naked suited alone



8 thoughts on “kohler one and two

  1. This is so mordant, so clever. You know, I’m sure, that chimpanzees are tool makers but somehow didn’t get this far – it really is an interesting take. I am reminded of two things other than struck by your originality here–getting to the bottom of things–and the vividness–the redringed arse–once I had a friend who worked for a kind of muckraking newspaper as a garbologist–going through famous people’s garbage–awful job that led him to quit–another was the Japanese toilet which very nearly sings, at least plays birdsong if you want, and gives the reluctant the sounds of rushing water. Thanks much. k.


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