he woke
he pissed
he smoked,
sat at the desk as others
before him,
heavy oak resonance,
with politicknife would cut policy
it had become about color,
the blue the yellow
strove to adjust to each other,
the red the green
so incompatible,
clarity was needed in misdirection
politicknife more palette than blade
scraped bluntly over canvas
to portray the country
texture and relief,
some of it muddied
stained like shit on a public toilet,
he spoke on TV
bright suited as a clown
body language and gestures
seen and felt as colors of betrayal
it was beyond functionalism
and wider knowledge
colors bled
every perception was not upheld,
people took to tree lined avenues
beneath autumn auburn,
held poster paint placards
colors adjusted
all attitudes changed,
again at his desk
looking at errors of doctrine,
the religious confined to sunday
men of friday peace,
zealots who ranted for any god
they where unifying
he felt afraid,
colors that should never combine
on palette or canvas,
became alive,
betrayed inside government halls,
closed eyes so that the brightness
would not be visible,
humanities noose
had underwritten his future,
rainbows can be clutched
in eager hands and each strand
peeled apart
like shotgun pellets,
reflected refracted
no more distinction
it was over,
slashing the canvas
pissed over it
pouring gasoline
it burned,
defeat knew a cell door
and he was content,
within gray and bleak darkness
color could not and would not intrude
now he felt alive

poetry , poem

  1. What a poem! Really touched an impressed, Chris. Warm greetings.

  2. Brian Miller says:

    the disassembling of the rainbows…the pealing them apart is a way strong visual…def one i wish i would have thought of…it is also intriguing how in the end sans color he is alive….

  3. kelvin s.m. says:

    …gripping words & strong enough to move my human skin… truly unexpected but all worth a read… smiles…

  4. claudia says:

    that is funny… we have given our different political parties color names… dunno where this origins actually… the black, red, green.. have to do some research… it def. underlines what they stand for..

  5. MarinaSofia says:

    Original way to think about politics – in terms of the colours of allegiances, of lies, of betrayal. Cleverly done!

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